Creating research doesn't have to be hard.

We all know research can be daunting, especially since everyone doesn't research the same way. So we created FlexUX to be flexible. Create your research to be as simple or as complex as you need it to be - from ad hoc observations to multiple day/multiple location structured groups, FlexUX has you covered.


unstructured research

If you're just going to talk to people or observe them, you can have an unstructured research project running in seconds. Just name it, and you're ready to begin recording. 

You don't need to add a test script or define sessions or configure anything - FlexUX allows you to start recording sessions instantly. And since sessions are unstructured you just keep adding new sessions as you need them.

Once you're finished, just mark your project as completed and FlexUX closes it off. 



structured research

Running groups or interviews or visits?

FlexUX allows you to structure your research into sessions, so you can track them. Select the dates and times and FlexUX will not only create your schedule, it will also provide a link for recruiters to directly book participants into slots, moving them around and replacing them as needed.

All your findings are tracked and traced to the session, just as with unstructured research. And once your final sessions are completed, you're done.


CAPTURE what you need

What's important to you during research?

That depends, right? One day it might be responses to questions, another it might be reactions, behaviours - or all of the above.

FlexUX allows you to track the personas (or profiles), the sessions, events, tasks, questions, ratings, behaviours, needs, problems, likes and dislikes - whatever you need, you can track it with FlexUX.

And all your findings can be grouped into Topics, to make it easier to use and view them. Add as much or as little as you need to your projects when you set them up.


Re-use your scripts

When you research you'll find that you often run similar tasks or scenarios - and often if you're researching the same interface over time, you want consistency in your tests so you can compare findings and performance.

FlexUX allows you to re-use your scripts, building consistency over time. Quickly build a powerful test script that encompasses what you want to capture, drag and drop it to where you want it to be - and start researching, instantly.


Ready to get your research moving to the next level? Contact us today to discuss your FlexUX license.