Research doesn't need to happen in an interrogation room.

Why be locked up in a dark room when you can carry FlexUX with you? Running your research is simple when you've set it up and have access to the cloud.


See it all on one screen

When you run your research sessions in FlexUX you see it all.

To the left you see your research script - follow along with your notes and instructions, and capture responses within the questions as you go. 

To the right you'll capture observations, issues, findings and likes/dislikes. But you can also track events and comments and set reminders for your facilitator.

One screen fits all.


LAptop, tablet or phone - your call

FlexUX works on any platform you need to research on. As long as you have Internet access you're ready to go.

That means you can have teams of researchers out in the field running concurrent sessions.

Or, just one of you in a room. It's really up to you.


walk through your script, simply

Using a research script is optional with FlexUX - if you're simply observing you may not need one.

But if you do use a script, FlexUX lets you create instructions for the participants, notes for you and your team, and every type of detail you want to look for - whether that's ratings, tasks or anything else.


Link, don't repeat

When you research you continually bump into findings you've already seen - participants regularly make comments or exhibit behaviours you've encountered before.

With FlexUX you see a list of your previous findings at every stage. When you encounter them again, you simply link them to this session. You don't need to keep typing or writing the same points over and over.


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