FlexUX has been designed for organisations who want to make the most of their research. We currently offer three versions of Flex.


Not for profit

We believe in making research accessible and free for those who need it most. If you are a not-for-profit then contact us, we will create a free license of FlexUX for you.

Contact us to request your license today.


If you'd like standard access to FlexUX then you can use it today. Run your research and capture everything you need, and pay just $99 a year, per seat. Get all the features within FlexUX for one low price.

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FlexUX is currently designed primarily for large organisations looking to manage their research in-house. We offer two prices for Enterprise FlexUX:

$4,950 - Research partner pricing

With Research Partner pricing we provide 20 licenses for FlexUX, unlimited internal and external projects, and life-time access to your data. But more importantly we also provide a 10% discount on UX projects from the Fore (www.thefore.com.au) up to a maximum of $4,500. Which means if you're a partner of ours you get FlexUX almost for free.


If you're not looking for research discounts then you can buy a Standard Enterprise License. You get everything that comes with the Research Partner Pricing except the discount.

Contact us to request your license today.