Research should help you innovate.

You don't research for the fun of it (though it can be fun), you research to improve the experience and be more successful. In today's world you need to innovate or die.

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status at a glance

As you progress through your research your findings are available online - right from the first session.

See an overview of your findings including breakdowns by priority, category, topic, audience profile and session. From minute one you can begin seeing the trends and issues and patterns coming out of your findings.

Share that with everyone who needs to see - a secure URL is available for sharing your findings as you progress.


Themes and insights are the key

Whilst FlexUX allows you to capture everything from comments to findings and from tasks to behaviours, it's often important to look for the themes and the insights amongst the data you've found.

FlexUX helps you comb through your data and see the themes that are occurring. Track your themes and key insights, and build on them over time.



Sort and filter your findings

Add priority, topic, category, descriptions and potential solutions to the findings you uncover during research.

With FlexUX you can do that during your research, between sessions or at the end - it's up to you. Filter and sort your findings as you need to, interactive charts help you drill into the key data and understand how they affect different audiences.

We've made FlexUX a powerful insight tool - but we're always adding more.


See every response, track it all

Every question and task and event is tracked within FlexUX.

For every question you ask, see all the responses from every participant - across days of research, for large projects. At any moment it's all there, time-tracked to your recordings and colour-coded to the audience.

Filter responses by profile and by script. See your ratings by combined score, but also by different audience profiles - know exactly who loves you, and where your experience is falling short.


track your recommendations & begin innovating

No research is complete without your insights and decisions on how to act.

Every project within FlexUX has space for your recommendations on changes, based on what you've seen and heard. Track these over time to see your progress, and compare from project to project. Act now to innovate quickly from your research findings.


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